Presale goals

Tired of 1% pools at Genesis🤕? Tired of not being able to repay your 1% Deposit fee during Genesis🥱? We found a way out of this situation!
We want to tell you more about the MONEYRAIN token that will have an Allocation of 7,000 tokens in Genesis and will not have any deposit or withdrawal fees!
In order to get the Maximum Profit, we need to reach a Minimum of 10,000 BUSD at the PinkSale Presale, which will be held on August 3

What is our goal?

We plan to reach 100,000 BUSD in the PinkSale Presale, this will help us increase the number of BUSD rewards in the Dividend pool for you. Also, with such an amount, we will be able to add $3,000 to the initial mUSD liquidity (3000:3000), which will increase your income in Genesis

Motivation table

Amount Reached on Presale
Initial liquidity for mUSD
Amount of reward in Dividend (BUSD pool)
10,000 BUSD
250 BUSD : 250 mUSD
200 BUSD
20,000 BUSD
500 BUSD : 500 mUSD
500 BUSD
50,000 BUSD
1200 BUSD : 1200 mUSD
1100 BUSD
100,000 BUSD
3000 BUSD : 3000 mUSD
2500 BUSD
150,000 BUSD
3000 BUSD : 3000 mUSD
5000 BUSD