Why is MONEYRAIN so special?

  • Presale on PinkSale
  • On the Presale, you will be able to buy tokens at a much lower and better price
  • Dividend $BUSD pool (at the end of the Presale, the team will launch a Dividend pool in which you will have the opportunity to stake $MONEYRAIN & earn $BUSD without any commission)​
  • The price will go up before the Genesis launch
  • Availability to stake $MONEYRAIN and receive $mUSD in Genesis pools (August 4) with a 0% Deposit fee
  • 80% of the sold NFTs will be used by the team to buyback and burn the $MONEYRAIN token.​
  • Stake $MONEYRAIN in Farm (August 6) with a 0% Deposit fee / earn $mSHARE tokens
  • Own Yield Farm and Juicy APRs (August 6) - Coming soon (For example
MONEYRAIN YIELD FARM LAUNCH on August 6 (the picture you see is just an example)